The Swedish Sex Federation (SSF) organizes, trains, awards certificates and scholarships, etc. to active members who train and compete in sex.

The Swedish Sex Federation was the first in the world to organize the World Sex Championships.

One of the most important drives that SSF fights for is strong opposition to men’s dominance over women. 


Sex is one of the few sports or the only sport that women dominate on almost every level.

It is a heavy blow to men who have stigmatized women for thousands of years. Women are more superior in sex as a sport than any other sport. 

Women dominate and are better in almost all branches than men, which creates a strong resistance among a wide audience that still wants men’s dominance over women.


Unfortunately, it happens in many countries that women are stigmatized and exploited.

In sex as a sport, there is no advantage for men, everything happens on the same terms for men as for women, regardless of the level at which they train or compete. 

According to the UN, there are 195 countries in the world. Many countries out of the 195 that exist have military training, the manufacture of weapons or a huge budget dedicated to some type of use of force.


With tears in their eyes, the SSF can state that none of the 195 countries in the world have any educational center that would use tax money to educate people in love and sex, which is the most peaceful thing in human history.


SSF works successfully to organize and educate peaceful people who want to train

and possibly compete in the most peaceful thing on earth, love and sex.


Due to the fact that sex as a sport is sometimes perceived by some people who have

the fear that sex, women and the weak in society can be exploited, SSF wants to distance itself and informs about:


SSF fights for sex to have higher requirements for education with sexologists, psychologists, sex therapists who have knowledge in this sport. We know sex is underrated.

Sex is not just about conviction, it’s just about “jumping on” and believing in yourself until he’s satisfied.

Sex is visual attraction, verbal contact, respect for other partners, body contact, psychological security, physical attraction and lots of other factors that, with the help of trained staff with the right training and the right training, should be able to stimulate and offer him to feel appreciated and happy. 


SSF wants to actively change the view of sex, we know from various studies that 30% of women have never experienced orgasm. People must learn through SSF’s training courses, which primarily take place with their clothes on, so that they can benefit from the theoretical parts in practice at a later time.

It is extremely important that all members educate themselves about their body, plus a detailed training on the anatomy of the body before they are ready for the practical.


For every profession, sport, hobby, etc. there are rules, training or aids that can improve the general attitude to the above, but at the moment we lack a transparent act when it comes to sex. Through training, SSF wants to reduce the fear that one does not feel sufficient and thus can use one’s full capacity. 

People want to learn more, train more and even compete if you feel you have enough knowledge and desire for sex as a sport.


Consequences that come with pictures of naked women, otherwise, is the issue that needs to be minimized. Even in 2022, it is punishable in many countries, even the death penalty occurs for people if they show their body and sexuality. 

Who in the whole world is actively working on education for such vital issues so that this insanity will disappear and be completely canceled from people’s lives.


Women have been exploited and are still being exploited. They do not have the right to decide for themselves about their bodies. This has to stop. Many women are even convinced that they have to do things to satisfy their husbands.


We have experienced many times that Stockholm syndrome can be achieved in a few weeks. It gives us tools to be able to understand the suffering and subjugation women have experienced for thousands of years. Fear is a huge factor in people making wrong decisions that they regret and over time new generations of women fall into the same trap, it’s called a vicious cycle.


SSF distances itself from active members who are somehow involved in illegal activities. Any members involved in any way in illegal activities will be sanctioned consistently. 


The number one priority for SSF is that everyone who practices sex as a sport will feel safe both in the respective club’s premises and directly connected surroundings. 

Training and competition should be encouraging for commitment and education that should last a lifetime or for possible competitions at amateur, elite or international level.


SSF allows education, training and competition only in the club’s premises intended for that purpose and in pre-determined locations. The club’s board is responsible for the club’s premises. They must ensure that all guidelines for education, training and competition are followed.


SSF condemns and distances itself from all violence.